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"Severely disturbed man rescued by social activist"

"Severely disturbed man rescued by social activist"

COIMBATORE: T Saravanaraj, a migrant worker from Dindigul district claims he has no memory of what had happened to him during the last 24 hours. But security personnel at the main entrance of Coimbatore Medical College, patients, policemen, bystanders at the hospital campus and motorists on Trichy Road, remember him and his antics vividly. He was seen repeatedly throwing himself in front of moving vehicles including ambulances entering the hospital complex, threatening to commit suicide. He tried the same antics on the main road too, outside the hospital complex. Witnesses initially tried to rescue him to safety but they soon lost their patience, a few even manhandling and eventually abandoning him. Only after a social activist took him to the emergency ward of Coimbatore Medical College Hospital it was found that he had suffered a fracture and he was given medical treatment.

"I do not remember what happened to me but I am being told that I was behaving in a strange manner," says Saravanaraj, sitting inside a tourist cab with his wife and brother who had come from Dindigul after they were contacted on Thursday evening.

A social activist found him with his fractured leg and took him to the emergency section of the hospital where his leg was bandaged and he was shifted to the orthopaedic ward in the hospital. P Muthayan, a constable from Singanallur police station, presently deployed at Coimbatore Medical College Campus, confirmed that Saravanaraj was really difficult to handle on Thursday afternoon. Most passersby mistook him for a drunk but Saravanaraj claimed that he had not consumed alcohol. He was depressed since he had not been paid for his work for the last two weeks. G Subramanian, one of the security guards posted at the main entrance of the hospital also confirmed that Saravanaraj was creating a ruckus at the hospital campus.

"Everyone was trying to bring him under control and pacify him. He was talking in a random manner, repeatedly throwing himself in front of passing vehicles," Muthayan adds.

According to P Mahendiran, from Eera Nenjam, an NGO helping destitute people, his doctors confirmed that he had not consumed alcohol. "They said he seemed deeply disturbed and deprived of sleep. They found no signs of mental illness," Mahendiran added.

Selvi, Saravanaraj's wife told officials that they had three daughters and one son. Her husband was a very sensitive person and a loving family man. She expressed total surprise at his erratic behaviour.

Saravanaraj said he was in deep depression as he had not been paid his wages for the past two weeks. He is employed at a worksite in Thudiyalur. V Jagadeesh, the sub contractor under whom Saravanaraj was working arrived at the hospital along with two other workers on Friday morning and identified Saravanaraj. He claimed that Saravanaraj had been missing since Thursday morning. He also claimed that there were no pending payments to be made to him. He revealed that Saravanaraj behaved violently in an inebriated condition.

"Saravanaraj had in fact taken advance payment from us. So his allegation that he was not being paid regularly is not true," said Jagadeesh.

Saravanaraj has been released from the hospital. His wife stated that she will seek proper medical care for her husband in Dindigul.
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